Feeling busy? Tired of snow & grass kicking your… free time?

Let Pushing Freedom take care of your snow and grass so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Grass Yard Happy Family

Save Time

You have things to do. Let us put snow & grass in its place.


Create Opportunity

Hiring a student gives them a push in the right direction.


End Slavery

You hire us. We put $1/visit into reducing child trafficking.


Snow Removal Service

We’ll shovel your snow so you can take your dog for a walk!

YOU have heroic things to do. Your family needs you. Let us worry about your snow so you can build the life you want.

PS If you ever need someone to walk your dog, we know a great service called PETS CADETS.

Step 1

Click HERE
or call 1-204-467-7511.

Step 2

Approve our quick estimate.

Step 3

Enjoy more free time with an awesome lawn and clean driveway.

Fewer Injuries

Slipping and sunburns aren’t fun. Let us get the job done.


Fewer Regrets

We help you invest more time in your friends & family.


Reduce Embarrassment

Avoid the shame of long grass and the danger of deep snow.


Start YOUR Own Business

Are you a student? Looking for ways to make more money?

Start your own lawn/snow business. We’ll give you everything you need to get more customers quicker.

Want to help students start their own business?

Start Mowing Business and Snow Removal

“I’m starting to love my lawn again. Thank you for all your hard work!”

End Child Trafficking

Want To Help Us Reduce Human Trafficking and Child Slavery?

Almost half of the children trafficked are put there by their own families for a variety of heart-wrenching reasons.

By investing in families around the world, we can prevent child slavery and abuse before it begins.

Every time you hire one of our student owners, Pushing Freedom will give $1 to Heroic Family Missions and STF Family Rescue Рtwo organizations that invest in families locally and globally.